Top 3 Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

Preparing Your Home for the Summer Heat

The hottest month is nearly here. With it comes hail damage, high winds, heavy rain, and a scorching sun that can potentially damage your roof. As the heat continues to rise, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home for the rest of this season. Make sure you keep on top of your roof maintenance with these top 3 summer roofing maintenance tips!

Check for mold, moss, and algae.

Unfortunately, summer can bring rain and humidity – two conditions that encourage algae growth. Over time, algae can eat away your shingles and lead to roof decay. Algae can be found not only on roofs but also in gutters due to the water buildup. Algae are especially evident during the summer months and can damage your roof and gutters if not appropriately addressed. Over time, moss left on roofs can cause shingles to curl and crack. Heavy moss can block water, create buildup under the shingles, and eventually damage the roof deck.

Check your attic.

Did you know your attic can heat up to 150 degrees during the summer? Your roof absorbs a lot of heat from the sun’s rays during the day, and it radiates into your attic air. A poorly ventilated attic with heat buildup can shorten the lifespan of your roof. The heat can cause your shingles to crack and curl, resulting in roof leaks. This is why attic insulation is critical in keeping the heat and moisture out during the summer.

Replace missing shingles.

Replacing shingles may seem like a simple job, but placing new shingles over old ones or using the wrong nails can lead to further damage. The wrong shingle could fade, crack, or even grow algae! For example, while inspecting a roof, walking on damaged shingles could cause more damage and lead to roof leaks in the future. Even small patchwork repairs may impact the overall health and safety of your roof.

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